The Black Pig


The Black Pig is a modified Warthog class patrol boat re-purposed for piracy. The ship has been stripped down to make room for cargo and additional drill fuel.


In service.


- Captain: -
- 1st Mate: -
- Delta T0N1
- Epopteia “Pop” Sibyl
- Edgar Drake
- Laramie B. Dupree
- Mara
- Royce Alicia


Cost Hull Type Speed Armor Class Armor Crew Min/Max Max HP
2,970,000 Patrol Boat 4 6 5 5/20 25
Free Power Free Mass Free Hardpoints Cargo Tonnage Maintenance Cost
3 2 2 40 148,000
Weapon AB Damage Ammo Special Effect
Plasma Beam 0 3d6 n/a AP 10
Defence Special Effect
- -
Fitting Special Effect
Atmospheric Configuration Ship can land on planets.
Armory Crew has access to weapons and armor up to TL4
Boarding Tubes Allows boarding of disabled ships.
Drive 2 Ship can drill up to 2 hexes
Fuel Bunkers Ship can make 1 additional jump between refuels.

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The Black Pig

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