The Freelancer is the most common free merchant ship in the sector. It’s used by independent as well as corporate transporters.

Standard Loadout

Cost Hull Type Speed Armor Class Armor Crew Min/Max Max HP
775,000 Free Merchant 3 6 2 1/6 20
Free Power Free Mass Free Hardpoints Cargo Tonnage Maintenance Cost
0 0 0 100 38,750
Weapon AB Damage Ammo Special Effect
Multifocal Laser 1 1d4 n/a AP 20
Sandthrower 1 2d4 n/a Flak
Defence Special Effect
- -
Fitting Special Effect
Atmospheric Configuration Ship can land on planets.
Fuel Scoops Allows the ship to collect fuel from space. Requires 4 days to process.
Fuel Bunkers Ship can make 1 additional jump before refueling
Spike Drive 1 Ship can drill up to 1 hex.

Known Ships in Service:

- Roebuck

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