Warthog Class


The Warthog class is a tough-as-nails spacecraft designed for long duration system patrols.

Standard Loadout

Cost Hull Type Speed Armor Class Armor Crew Min/Max Max HP
3,515,000 Patrol Boat 4 6 5 5/20 25
Free Power Free Mass Free Hardpoints Cargo Tonnage Maintenance Cost
1 0 2 0 175,750
Weapon AB Damage Ammo Special Effect
Plasma Beam 0 3d6 n/a AP 10
Defence Special Effect
- -
Fitting Special Effect
Atmospheric Configuration Ship can land on planets.
Armory Crew has access to weapons and armor up to TL4
Boarding Tubes Allows boarding of disabled ships.
Extended Stores Max Life Support duration is doubled
Ship’s Locker Survey and Exploration equipment for the crew.
Spike Drive 2 Ship can drill up to 2 hexes.
Survey Scanners Improved planetary sensor array

Known Ships in Service:

- The Black Pig

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Warthog Class

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