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  • Mara

    Homeworld: [[Trumptopia | Trumptopia]] Background: Urchin Training: Criminal Faction: Languages - English - American - Basic

  • Laramie B. Dupree

    Homeworld: [[Apollo | Apollo]] Background: Transportation Specialist Training: Pilot Faction: Languages - English - Space Creol

  • Epopteia "Pop" Sibyl

    Homeworld: [[Portlandia | Portlandia]] Background: Priest Training: Tribal Shaman Faction: Languages - English

  • Edgar Drake

    Homeworld: [[Adventure Land | Adventure Land]] Background: Politician Training: Adventuring Expert Faction: Languages: - English - French

  • Royce Alicia

    Homeworld: [[Portlandia | Portlandia]] Background: Noble Training: Templare Faction: Languages: - English

  • Ryan Morgan

    Former first mate of the [[Roebuck | Roebuck]]. [[:epopteia-pop-sibyl | Pop]] converted him to the ways of [[Portlandia | Portlandia]] and declared him her husband.

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  • Rho

    Rho was discovered during a raid on the [[Roebuck | Roebuck]]. She appears to be a victim of extensive experimentation and possess a very aggressive second personality. It's believed this second personality is responsible for killing both the [[:alfred- …