A Tale of Revenge

A Strange Box

About two hours after lunch on the third day of waiting the target enters the system. It’s a Freelancer class transport named Roebuck. The Old Man orders your ship to break silent running and intercept.

It takes about 6 hours to catch up with the Roebuck. She tries to evade but Dupree keeps the Pig’s nose pointed at the other ship. Edgar disables the ship with just a couple well placed shots after missing several times (to be fair, a Plasma Beam is very different from the gun powder cannons of his home world).

After disabling the Roebuck the Pig uses its boarding tubes to latch onto the ship and cut through the airlock. Royce leads the raid into the ship and is almost shot by one of the ship’s crew. Pop manages to talk the young man down and convinces him to drop his revolver. The Old Man demands he point him to the ship’s manifest, then he and Warren leave for another part of the ship after ordering Edgar and Royce to sweep the ship for additional crew.

Royce and Edgar manage to get lost and head to the engine room instead of the bridge. They double back and are stopped in the corridor to the bridge by the ship’s captain. He fires a warning shot and demands they stay out of the bridge. Edgar is able to talk him down.

Mean while, Pop preaches the gospel of Portlandia and manages to convert the young man and convince him to be her husband. Three quarters of the way through her sermon there’s a gun shot followed by silence from the hold the Old Man and Warren travelled to. She bravely leads her husband in front of her towards the source of the noise.

Pop uses her psychic intuition and has a vision of standing on a dock over a calm, dark ocean. She feels that if she stays on the dock she will be safe, but senses something harmful in the ocean. She proceeds into the cargo hold and finds the bodies of both the Old Man and Warren limp on the deck with their throats slit. She is joined by Royce and Edgar shortly after.

Edgar alerts the rest of the Pig’s crew and Mara joins them on the Roebuck. Dupree remains on the ship at the helm in case they need to make a quick get a way. Pop discovers a strange, open box which Mara identifies as a cryo pod designed for food storage.

The crew hear sobbing from the corner of the hold and discover a girl in the corner, wearing a hospital gown. She looks about 16 and her gown is covered in blood. Pop comforts her and attempts to probe her mind. She discovers she has a second personality, laying dormant and that this personality is highly aggressive and only seems to emerge when she is in danger.

Dupree informs the crew that two patrol boats are on an intercept course and will arrive in less than 24 hours. Edgar interrogates the captain of the ship and discovers he was hired by a stocky, older man, with a powerful build on the planet Asylum. He was offered a lot of money to perform a standard food stuff run from Ramsay to the GIP, no questions asked.

The crew wastes no time loading the Pig up with 40 tons of cryo preserved food stuffs. They disconnect from the Roebuck leaving the captain on his disabled ship with the remaining 60 tons of food. The bodies of the Old Man and Warren are prepared by Pop and her new husband then shot out an airlock. Edgar takes their belongings.

The crew decides to head back to Tortuga to refuel, resupply, and plan their next move. While on course to the outer rim of the system Edgar discovers the Pig’s engineering section and the ship’s chief engineer, a mechanical man. He simply asks that he leave him be and supply him with scrap.

Dupree calculates a perfect drill to the Ajax system and the ship enters drill space. The journey will take 3 days.

Current Date: Sunday May 14th, 3200 TSD



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